Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The need for Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) by organizations has become very important because funding agencies, governing agencies and other stakeholders put demands on accountability and transparency. These necessitate effective Planning and M&E systems and processes that guide towards and inform about the progress and impact of development projects and programs and on other specific information requirements each stakeholder may have.

We handle both the design and execution of project including the evaluation plan at the proposal stage. Thus, we can support an organization at the three stages of evaluation, that is, pre-intervention assessment, midterm review/evaluation and post-intervention evaluation. We also carry out establishment of an M & E system for an organization to generate database for management decision making. This includes the training and mentoring of personnel to maintain the system.

Pre-intervention evaluation or baseline assessments are usually conducted before programs commence in order to acquire specific baseline data to guide the program managers and staff in the design, planning and implementation of the project. These assessments also provide baseline data for future evaluations for these projects. The mid-term and post-intervention evaluations are carried out in order to assess the performances and achievements of various programs over certain periods of time of the lifespan of the programs.

Monitoring entails continuous collection of service data on programs and taking decisions throughout the life span of the programs in order to ensure compliance with the plans of the programs.

Specific objectives are set for each project and a set of activities are expected to be carried out at specific periods of the project in order to achieve these objectives. The performance of these activities needs to be monitored in the course of the project. ARDC can complement the efforts of organizations in setting out monitoring plans and in carrying out monitoring of the project such that the objectives of the project can be achieved.