Training on Database Computer Packages

We carry out standard and client specific training on the following Database Computer Packages:

  • SPSS version 20
  • STATA version 12
  • EPI-Info/Data version 3.5.1

As a prelude to the training of these packages is refresher training on computer appreciation and specific revision on MS Excel and Word to bring all participants to the same page.

The training for a specific package usually take a period of 3-5 days depending on the level of the participants. This training could be arranged to meet the demand of clients.

We also conduct the training on weekend arrangement for clients who might not be able to attend during the week days. The weekend training would either be Friday to Sunday (from 12 pm on Sunday) or two weekends for Saturday and Sunday.

Evaluation versions of the computer packages will be installed for participants and they could purchase the license after training